Zodwa Wabantu reality show trailer

The show that will aim to show us the truth about Zodwa Wabantu is fast approaching. Zodwa Wabantu has been teasing her fans on social media about her reality television show since 2018.

On the 2nd of April we will see Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored air on Mojo Love on DSTV. In the meantime Zodwa Wabantu has posted a trailer on her Instagram giving us a glimpse of what to expect on her reality show.


Zodwa Wabantu also posted another video thanking Pearl Thusi for being on her show.

She wrote “Pearl Thusi thank you for being on my Reality Show Uyinja San🔥🙏 having your own Diary section on my Reality Talking about how we met & how you Support me⚡️🙏❤️ I rub shoulders with people I look up to Not who are just Trying like me😂😂😂😂 Inde Lendlela🚀 Song💃 Phabazo. 2 April Channel Mojo Love”


Set the date on your calendar to see Zodwa Wabanu rub shoulder with people she looks up to while maintaining the character that many have come to love as Zodwa Wabantu.

She also wrote on her social media “Don’t loose your Integrity. A Person like me,who just wants to buy bread & Eggs has Nothing to loose. No Limitation, I want bread 🍞 & Eggs🍳 No Friends.”

Watch Zodwa Wabantu as she takes over television screen while getting her bread and eggs.

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