Zahara to fight TS Records

Zahara to fight TS Records
Zahara to fight TS Records

Zahara to fight TS Records. Multi award winning singer and songwriter Bulelwa Mkutukana who is popularly known by her stage name Zahara says she is tired of being quiet about the music industry and record labels.

In light of that it seems she has her sights set on her former record label TS Records that is owned by TK Nciza and Sbu Leope.

Zahara has made allegations against TS Records claiming that she was underpaid for her live performances, underpaid for her record sales for her albums and also underpaid royalties for when her music is played.

The claims are for her highly successful 2011 debut album Loliwe which she said sold more than 500,000 copies as well as her other two albums under TS Records Phendula and Country Girl.

 Zahara also said that she was only paid R10,000 for her live performances. It was later increased to R15,000 after she made inquiry with the record label.

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Zahara said “I want my money back, all of it. Many artists suffer in silence, suffer depression and ultimately die paupers. I won’t be a statistic. I will speak out.”

“When people buy my music they believe they are putting food on my table, but I am just like you, I can be behind on my bond payment for up to four months, but I am working.” she said.

Zahara also posted on Instagram “Molweni emzantsi, i’m tired of lying about me and the industry. Like i said i’m not here to be praised but to inspire and tell my story.. now i’m ready to tell the thruth… call me here 065 615 4871 i don’t want to be a statistic. This account is not hecked.. i’m talking about my music and the record labels”

Zahara said she had turned to alcohol for comfort because she felt she had no she could talk about the challenges she was facing in the music industry.

Zahara said she left TS Records in 2016 and claimed that there was a contractual agreement for her to make her third album with TS Records.

Now that she has told her side of the story she says she is leaving everything to her legal team and thanks everyone for their support.

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