Who Is Lady Zamar

Who Is Lady Zamar
Who Is Lady Zamar

Yamikani Janet Banda who known professionally by her stage name Lady Zamar, is a South African singer and songwriter. She is known for her great vocals that she uses very well in the house music genre.


Lady Zamar was born in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni. As a young child, her parents moved with her to Mamelodi in Pretoria. Her father is Malawian and her mother is South African.

According to the reports her parents could not understand each other when they first started dating and used English as their main medium of communication. Because of her diverse upbringing, Lady Zamar does not sound like the average girl from Tembisa and has been accused of trying to be American.

She picked her stage name because of its deep meaning.  In Hebrew, Zamar means to “praise, sing or worship” God through music. Her real name, Yamikani, also means “praise” in Chewa.

Lady Zamar’s age is a bit of a mystery as she has not publicly stated how old she is. She did throw herself a huge birthday party in June 2019, but there were no balloons or a signage with her age. She used the hashtag, “Zamar Birthday” when posting pictures of the day on social media.  According to Google Lady Zamar was born on 16 August 1995 and she is currently 24 years old.

The pop star and house vocalist had developed her love for music at a very tender age. By visiting her YouTube page, it is recorded that she was involved in live singing while she was just six years of age. As a young child, she enjoyed great musicians such as Tracy Chapman who Lady Zamar says was one of her role models in the music industry.

As a teenager growing in Pretoria, her love for music was evident. More specifically the hip-hop genre. She frequently hooked up with other music enthusiasts in Pretoria where they engaged in musical rhyming and cipher competitions. She also attended various local musical shows and competitions.

Lady Zamar remembers going to Pretoria CBD Church Square where different musicians participated in cipher sessions. Such platforms enabled her to showcase and improve her musical writing, rhyming, and singing skills. Her love for bumping beats and music had her consider herself as a young upcoming hip-hop artist. She reportedly give herself her then stage name “Afro Jay.”

Apart from music, she was active in various high school field sports. She participated in the shot put, netball and even soccer in primary school.

Lady Zamar is a professional writer. Her creative writing skills have helped her come up with her award-winning music collaboration and her gold solo album. As a teenager, she considered herself a poet. She decided to call herself Lady Zamar as she was not sure if her mother would approve her love for music. She says that her mother was such a Christian radical, that she had to find a way to hide her identity as a songwriter and singer.

Did you know that Lady Zamar wanted to choose her academic dreams over music? Yes! Lady Zamar confirms that at one point she had a great dilemma between her music and education. As an educated lady, Lady Zamar has always had the passion of becoming a lecturer or a professional teacher. She specifically has a great passion for exploring, learning, and teaching theory in literature. Due to this, she had planned to move from the South African music scene and relocate to Korea.

Why Korea? She says that she had discovered a good university where she would study feminist literature. Her plan also included graduating with honours in literature and being a lecturer in Korean universities. All that changed when she started getting much love for her released musical songs. This song is known as “Run Away”, a duet between her and Junior Taurus. As a result, she started believing that music is her life, and hence, she ventured full time into music writing, collaborations, performing shows, and coming up with her album.

In 2015 Junior Taurus and Lady Zamar released a collaboration album titled Cotton Candy. The album had many hits such as Mamelodi.

Lady Zamar released her debut solo album, King Zamar in 2017 which cemented her as a household name. Lady Zamar admitted that going solo was nerve wracking, but the decision paid off. King Zamar won several awards, including a South African Music Award (SAMA) for ‘Best Dance Album’. The album reached double-platinum status in 2019.

Lady Zamar released her second studio album, Monarch, in June 2019.

Lady Zamar’s Dating Life

After she released her single “My Baby” in 2017 May she was asked if she has a bae and she replied “No, not at all. I’m not in a relationship, I actually just came out of one recently. It’s not a big thing though.”

2018 during an interview Lady Zamar confessed that on February she went on a valentines date. She didn’t mention who she was on a date with.

Then on the 6th April 2019 Sjava posted two pictures of him and Lady Zamar looking cosy and the caption was a heart emoji and high five emoji’s.

Lady Zamar replied to that post and wrote “Yeah we dated from June 2017 and ended things March 2019… That’s all so y’all can stop with the questions.. Yes he denied it to the media but that’s coz we wanted it to be a private thing… Cats out the bag I guess.. Such a pity it had to come out this way. Please don’t @ me.”

I guess it is safe to assume that the 2018 valentines date was with Sjava even though they never posted any images of each other. Well not until they broke up anyways.

Lady Zamar has posted pictures of her “hearts ruler” and the two do look like they be madly in love.

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