What Happened to Yo-TV Mandisa Nakana

Mandisa Nakana Taylor
Mandisa Nakana Taylor

What Happened to Yo-TV Mandisa Nakana Taylor? Mandisa Nakana Taylor is a former presenter on the popular kids programme Yo-TV.

Some Background

Mandisa Nakana Taylor is 35 years old and was born Garankuwa. She stole our hearts with her husky voice as a presenter on Yo-TV.

On a Zalebs article Mandisa Nakana Taylor was asked “what were the most memorable moments of your Yo.TV days?”

She replied “Where do I begin? From the phone call from my agent telling me I got the job, to interviewing one of the most influential souls to pass through this world. First and foremost, I love, present tense, love, the people I worked with.

Having the opportunity to collaborate with Disney on Cartoon Cafe was a game changer, we were able to share the ‘only the kids who can afford MNet’ programs with EVERYBODY!

Yo.TV crossed superficial lines like colour, and social status by recruiting a group of kids who came from every colour and background imaginable. How did this happen? In a country only two years into its democracy! AND they found talented kids who pulled it off. Ask anyone, from any other country, and they’ll tell you it’s freakin’ amazing!”

Mandisa still remains the only child presenter to have scooped the industry’s most sought after awards for best presenter. She won best Selimathunzi Award Best Female Presenter 2001 SABC and the NTVA Avanti Award Best Presenter 2000 NTVA (South Africa), against stiff competition from the likes of Vinolia Mashego.

Today the former Yo-TV presenter is a wife, mother and business woman who splits her time between South Africa and the UK.

What Happened to Mandisa Nakana Taylor

Mandisa Nakana Taylor moved to the U.K when she was 17, and went to live with my sister. She worked in many different sectors, from hospitality to retail. She even worked at McDonald’s for a while.

After many auditions, and working on student films, she landed a lead role in a theatre production called Hunt, by Kazzum Arts Project

Mandisa Nakana Taylor then auditioned for an international program called Hi 5 sadly she didn’t get it. However, a few months later, she was called by the same production company to audition for a children’s program called The Fluffy Club, and got the part.

She presented it for 18 months, until iTV axed all their presenter lead children’s programs.

After some voice over work for DSTV and Radio 702 she teamed up with a production company in London.

Dan Taylor and Mandisa met when she was 19 and he was 22.

Mandisa said this about their romance “We both believed in ‘happily ever after’ and had the same idea of what marriage and family life should be. We both wore our hearts on our sleeves, it was hopelessly soppy! But the lovey dovey stuff aside, we spent a lot of time together, and got to know each other’s character. I think within 6 months, I knew his strengths and weaknesses, and he knew mine.”

However, in September 2012, she enrolled for a Social Science course in preparation for another qualification, a Bsc Psychology degree which she started in 2013 at the University of Surrey.

In 2016 there were reports that Mandisa Nakana Taylor is making a comeback. The talented presenter who clearly still loves the entertainment industry is returning, not on TV, but on the Internet. She has created a blog “Mandisa’s Virtues Pick” which serves as a space where people can practice their virtues on their journey to being their best selves.

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