What Happened to Wright Ngubeni


Wright Ngubeni is an actor, a former child star, television presenter and a director. You might know him best for his role as Jonathan Motene in the SABC1 soap drama Generations. When Mfundi Vundla gives you a character it seems to stick. He could probably start a naming service business, because his names are just that iconic.

Some Background

His career began at the age of five with roles on children’s TV Shows. He was one of the characters on the popular children’s television show Kideo.

By the age of 10 he had featured in numerous television shows and commercials.

His first presenting job was on SABC2’s School TV.

He then transitioned to television dramas and corporate videos, including the critically acclaimed industrial video Kingdom of the Sun.

At age 11 he landed a role in the teen drama television series Street Life on SABC3, in which he played the lead role as a street kid.

In the year 2000 he re-launched his TV career by appearing in a commercial for national clothing retailer Edgars.

In 2003 he entered Generations as a 13-year-old boy who had spent the first part of his life in England and had now returned to South Africa with his younger sister and mother.

He has starred in International films too. He made his international debut in the miniseries Human Cargo. Another international feature was Shadow.

While on Generations he auditioned to anchor World of Winners on SABC2. The show was initially a five-minute weekly game show, but it proved to be popular to the point that the SABC extended it to a 30-minute daily live show. In 2008 he left Generations to pursue live TV.

In 2009 he guest starred on the SABC2 Afrikaans drama series Erfsondes.

He worked as a trainee director on SABC1’s Gospel Gold and took over from Tshepo “Howza” Mosese as host of the SABC1 youth lifestyle magazine series Big Up. Initially he was a stand-in for Howza while he was on holiday, but Wright Ngubeni eventually took over as full time presenter from 2014.

In 2015 he replaced Thomas Gumede as host of the Mzansi Magic reality series Love Back.

In 2016 he starred as the character 5 Bob in the E.TV drama series Heist which was inspired by events at a stadium near Soweto in 2013 during a Justin Bieber concert.

He returned for the second season of Heist which ran into 2017.

In 2017 he starred as Thulani Zondi in the SABC1 sitcom Thuli noThulani.

What Happened to Wright Ngubeni

Wright Ngubeni
Wright Ngubeni

As of publishing this Wright Ngubeni is only 29 years. He will be 30 in July with that said I suppose he is still young-ish, but he has certainly accomplished a lot in his years.

In an article on Bona he said “Being part of a popular soapie at a young age made me realise that I still needed to explore the world of acting as I did not want to be typecast or get comfortable. I was eager and hungry to learn more, so I decided to leave Generations in order to plan my career path.”

Planning ahead

He goes on to say “I am glad that I planned ahead. I knew where I was headed, and spent years perfecting my craft. I’m where I am today because I made strategic moves that have enabled my career to grow. I am a seasoned actor, TV presenter and part of a social empowerment movement called Self Made Cheese because I prepared myself for the path that I wanted to follow.”

He has recently got some directing experience under his name. So perhaps eventually he will transition to behind the camera lens.

With regards to personal matter, he hardly speaks of his personal life. He did reveal that he is a father to a baby girl “I was blessed with a baby girl. She has just weakened me. She is the highlight of everything that is going well in my life‚” Wright says.

He also had this to say about marriage “I’m happy. I’m good. There will be wedding bells. As a man‚ that is one of the things that I have to do and that is why I am trying to get everything in place now so that I can gather all the necessary things to provide for them.”

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