What Happened to Skwatta Kamp


Skwatta Kamp is a South African awards winning hip-hop group. Their music was a mixture of English and vernacular.

Some Background

Let’s start with the name Skwatta Kamp which is derived from the English words “squatter camp” which is the term used to refer to informal settlements.

Coincidently it has been brought to my attention that if you are to google “squatter camps” the search results are mostly populated with white people in squatter camps. I am not going to get into that debate here though.

Skwatta Kamp the hip hop group was formed by 7 friends in 1996. The members are Infa, Bozza, Shugasmakx, Flabba, Slikour, Nemza and Nish.

The group came out swinging for the fences with their debut album titled “Khut En Joyn” in 2002. The album was a huge success and gained multiple awards and nominations at the SAMA’s, Metro FM Awards, Kidz Star Awards, Channel O Video Music Awards and the KORA Awards.

About 1 Years later they released their second album “Mkhukhu Funkshen” in late 2003 which was also hugely successful. It has smash hit songs like Umoya and Skwatta Khaninval to name a few. The album is said to have sold over gold status.

They followed with a third album late 2004 titled “Washumkhukhu.” There were some nice songs on that album. One of my personal favourite Skwatta Kamp songs titled “The Clap Song” is on that album. The album is also said to have sold over gold status.

They would take five years to release their fourth studio album and during that time there were some rumours floating around that the group had disbanded. How do you prove such rumours wrong? Well you drop an album and that is what they did in 2009. They released their fourth album titled “Fair and Skwear.”

They also independently released a mixtape titled “Skwatta Kampain.”

What Happened to Skwatta Kamp

Skwatta Kamp
Skwatta Kamp

As is the case with many talented music groups, the individuals venture of into solo careers. Some went into televisions, some continued with music and some did both.

In March 2015 Nkululeko Habedi known as “Flabba” died after being stabbed by his girlfriend at his home in Alexandra.

In 2018 to celebrate the third anniversary since the death of Flabba who died 3 years ago, Skwatta Kamp release a touching tribute song titled “There You Go.”

There were also reports that the group will be releasing a greatest of Skwatta Kamp ablum. It is said it will feature 6 songs. If you could vote which would be your favourite 6 songs by the group?

There are also reports that the group are working on a new album.

Speaking to SunBuzz, Shugasmakx said: “We needed to be in the right space to release the song after losing Flabba. We didn’t want it to seem forced and we were not just going to release for the sake of it.”

Asked about releasing now, he said it took them three years to reconnect musically and got back in studio.

About dealing with Flabba’s passing, he said: “Everyday is a challenge, but we all heal differently. It’ll always be painful. Writing enables us to convey our feelings.”

Shugasmakx said that what is fulfilling to them is that even though the song was written for Flabba, it is more about what people get from it.

“Everyone relates to it in their own way and it will resonate with them. It is about finding healing in music,” he said.

The rapper added that Skwatta Kamp will be releasing more music.

We are definitely waiting and have our fingers crossed that the album drops soon.

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