What happened to Sammy Sosa

What happened to Sammy Sosa
What happened to Sammy Sosa

What happened to Sammy Sosa? Samantha Lehoko who is also known as Sammy Sosa is a South African radio DJ and television presenter.

Some Background

She was born in East London on the 12th November 1990. She grew up in England, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Her love for entertainment and performing arts started when she was 13 years old. This led her to studying art and photography.

She worked as a radio jock for three years at UCT Radio and in 2014 got a job on YFM as host of the weekday show called “Made Different” that aired from 10am till 12pm midday.

Staying in 2014 she was also a presenter on E.TV Club 808. She presented the gig guide on Club 808. She then left Club 808 to host Turn Up on Channel O.

In 2015 she left YFM and joined Metro FM hosting the morning show with Mo Flava who he had worked with on Club 808.

She also started working as a presenter on the Vuzu Filler Block V Prime. She also hosted Vuzu Amp reality competition series Hustle. Which is a talent search show for the next hip hop star. She also joined the Vuzu live entertainment magazine series V-Entertainment as a presenter.

What happened to Sammy Sosa?

Starting at Metro FM. Sammy Sosa joined Metro FM in 2015 around April where she co-hosted the morning show with Mo Flava. Around june/july Sammy Sosa reportedly fell ill and didn’t show up for her show with Mo Flava. Pearl Thusa was brought in to co-host with Mo Flava at the time.

Pearl Thusi being brought in fuel speculations that Sammy Sosa had been fired by Metro FM.

After months of speculations and rumours around October 2015 Metro FM confirmed that she was no longer with the radio station.

SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago told Sunday World “We can confirm that the SABC has terminated the services of Ms. Lehoko due to material breach of her employment contract between herself and the SABC.”

There are reports of Sammy Sosa setting the record straight on what really happened.

In a reported interview with Trending SA she said “There’s this thing of working for the SABC and working for Multichoice, it’s a huge thing. 

Multichoice came to me and said ‘we have this show for you, The Hustle, it’s like the hip hop version of Idols. And we want you to be the face of the show, it’s yours.”

She went to the SABC and told them about the show. She was told she would need to write a motivation letter explaining why she should she should work on both Metro FM and Vuzu The Hustle.

Sammy Sosa said “and I thought that was fair, I mean I went and did it, and I came with all this information and all this documentation. I think my letter was pretty sexy… and I presented it to them. And the waiting period was just shocking, you know, and I couldn’t wait any longer and had to do the show.  So I’d go to the show with Mo (Mo Flava), I’d do the show, I’d stay an extra hour, I’d shoot to the mansion, I’d shower on set, I’d shoot for like 12 hours…. then I’d sleep for like an hour. The culmination of all those things put together, it made me tremendously ill. 

“And what they had said was ‘you know she’s sick, but she’s actually shooting the show’. And I said “no, but I’ve actually shot the show already, you paid me for the entire month that I worked and shot the show’. And I realized I had no qualms with these people, you know because I loved working there.”

Her last season on V-Entertainment was season 8 which ended on the 31 March 2017.

TV comeback anytime soon?

Babes! I have some crazy comebacks lineup up. God willing. You miss me on your screens?

Heard your voice on Y, crushed hard. Saw you on screen, it was all over. You’re amazing!

@YFM was where it all began! I miss those days. The days of REAL radio. It’s crazy how I still have fans from the days of Y! Can you remember the name of my show? 10-12pm WEEKDAYS! Lookout for me on your screen soon! And thank you for the support.

Why are you so divine & are we not due an album?

A musical album? Or a photo album? Lol.. I’m definitely stepping into studio next year! It’s a must. I miss those days of being in studio. Planning on working with some incredible DJ’s and producers.

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