What Happened to Mapaputsi


Sandile Ngwenya is a South African kwaito artist and a songwriter. He is more commonly known by his stage name of Mapaputsi.

Some Background

mapaputsi sandile ngwenya

Around 1998 Mapaputsi started working with artists like Chiskop, DJ Sbu, Mavusana, Mischief and TKZee.

In 2001 Mapaputsi was on Mischief and Mavusana hit track Ngyazwa. Mapaputsi met with producer D-Rex and DJ Khabzela and he recorded his debut studio album Izinja.

The album Izinja was a huge success and won Best Kwaito Artist and Best Kwaito Song at the 2002 Metro FM Awards.

He also won the Best Music Video at the 9th Annual South African Music Awards in 2003.

Other albums I could find are Kleva (2003) and Still Barking (2009).

What Happened to Mapaputsi

There were reports that a kwaito artist by the stage name of Bhakstina had accused Mapaputsi of plagiarising the words beats of Izinja. The outcome of those accusations I couldn’t find publically. Maybe it was handled privately by the two parties.

Then Mapaputsi was involved in more controversy as reported in a News24 that he was banned from Sun City after he was allegedly smoking dagga during the South African Music Awards.

Mapaputsi apparently said this on the matter “I inherited this habit from my grandfather, who used to smoke it just like his elders. This is not like smoking hard drugs, like cocaine. I am not encouraging people to smoke it, but at the same time, I am not abusing it.”

If he really said this it is safe to say that he was high as a kite during this response.

After his 2009 album Still Barking he seemed to disappear. I mean he has no Twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram. I even searched for him on WeChat and Mxit. Dololo.

Fast forward to 2016 The Citizen reported that Mapaputsi had changed career and is now a chef at Kalawa Jazmee headquarters in Johannesburg.

The article reads “When we visit Kalawa we know someone will serve us delicious meals. I’m happy for him because cooking keeps him busy and the company pays him. His career has taken a nosedive, but he’s a strong man. He refuses to allow such a bad situation to overshadow him.”

Hopefully that delicious meal wasn’t made from inyama yezinja.

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Daily Sun did a follow up story where they contacted Mapaputsi and he had this to say “It’s been a while since I visited Kalawa. I used to hang around there. They’re my friends. Cooking for them? That’s news to me!”

In 2016 around April Mapaputsi release a single titled Shooting Star. Joining the 21st century it was released online for download. Reports are it didn’t do all that well. He released another single Akafanga Ulele and a music video to go along with it. That song is quite nice. He still got that flow. I love it.

Apart from releasing singles he has been performing here and there.

Is kwaito dying or dead? Is Mapaputsi time up? I will let you decide for yourself.

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