What Happened to H2o (Hip Hop Group)

H2o is a South African Hip-Hop duo who comes from Meadowlands, Soweto. The two members are Menzi Dludla and Siphiwe Ngwenya.

Some Background

The duo started out as a Kwaito group known as MSV. The Kwaito route wasn’t working out all that well and later on decided to start producing Hip-Hop music and distance themselves from Kwaito. In an effort to further distance them from previous endeavours they changed their name to H2o. They seem to prefer 3 letter names.

The rhyme in Zulu and have provided many memorable lines that still punch you in the gut to this day. Punch you in a nice way.

The group shot in to stardom in 2003 when they hooked up with Hip-Hop producer Battle Kat and produced their famous track “It is wonderful.” That single paved their way to stardom and fame.

They got signed to Outrageous Records. They released their Hip-Hop debut album “Amanzi’mtoti” in 2003.

2005 they followed up with their second studio album titled “Sheleni.” This sadly didn’t have quite the same impact and buzz that their debut album enjoyed.

They did release another album titled “Still Wonderful” around 2011.

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What Happened to H2o


Speaking to Move! Menzi said this “We were from the township and when things started going well for us we became big-headed. This was our main downfall. We had many people whom we called friends, but in reality they were not. We became something from nothing and when the album was doing well, with us being booked everywhere for gigs, fame became too much to handle.”


In the same interview with Move! Menzi also opened up about boozing and how it cost them. He said this on the matter “Up to this day I look back and I regret every cent I spent on booze and girls. I was drinking alcohol like there was no tomorrow. I became a sponsor to everyone in my hood who wanted to drink alcohol, and I was just buying for everyone who would come to ask me for booze.

You can tell he is from the old school. These days it called being a blesser or moreki not a sponsor.

The group were also known for arriving to gigs and interviews drunk. They also feel that they were blacklisted from the industry and were no longer getting gigs as a result of this.

There are some reports that state that the duo missed out on a huge record deal because of their behaviour.

Late Come Back

After a long break from 2005 H2o released their third album “Still Wonderful” in 2011 after over 5 years of silence.

Ngwenya said “We have been out of the industry because we don’t just release for the sake of releasing. This time we were busy with various projects.”

Still Wonderful album was a collaboration effort between four companies: Soso Music, BYR, Inyongo Kasi Tainment and The Element Entertainment.

The music on the album didn’t get airplay and mostly flew under the radar. Harsh words about this came from the duo “Our problem at the moment is that our music is not getting airplay. We know that we produce quality music that many people can relate to. But they (radio stations) are busy pushing crap music that does not make sense. Gone are the days where DJs played music according to its quality.”

Going Solo

Menzi told Move! That he is busy rebuilding his career and has formed another rap group called Natural Hair. “I am trying to pick up the pieces because I am responsible for my own failures” he said.

In summary Menzi said “I have since realised that I have to do something with my talent and try to dust myself off, because music is my talent and something that I can do. I would also like to start campaigns to teach young people about the dangers of alcohol abuse, fame and promiscuity.”

We wish them all the best of fortunes in their ventures.

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