What happened to DJ Clock

Kholile Elvin Gumede who is better known as DJ Clock is a South African DJ, music producer and a businessman. He has won multiple awards in music industry with his platinum selling albums to his name.

Some Background

Prior to DJ Clock breaking in to the music industry he had a brief stint at a Music Production and DJ Training Project in Rosebank, Gauteng.

It was only around 2007 that he started making strides in the music industry by producing for other artists.

His first certified big hit song he produced was for Big Nuz titled “Ubala” in 2008. The song went on to be a huge success winning awards at the South African Music Awards (SAMA) and the Metro FM Awards.

The stage was set perfectly for DJ Clock to release his debut album titled “The First Tick” in 2008. His debut album turned him into an instant household name. The album sold extremely well and reached platinum status.

DJ Clock got two SAMA nominations in the Best Urban Dance Album and Best Record of the year for “Umahamba Yedwa” categories. Umahamba Yedwa was a huge hit that year and lost out to Rhythmic Elements hit song “2 By 2”. It was definitely a good year for house music.

DJ Clock wanted to be more than just a recording artist and started his own production company AM-PM Productions. A well timed and truly inspired move that would turn into a very powerful production company in South Africa to this day.

DJ Clock produced songs for artist like Mzekezeke, Brickz and Bantu Soul.

He also released his second studio album under AM-PM Productions titled “The Second Tick” in 2009.

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His second album was well received with singles like “Kiss & Say Goodbye” and “Umanyonyoba” however it didn’t reach the heights his debut album reached.

DJ Clock released his third studio album titled “The Third Tick” in 2010 which would shut any murmurs of one hit wonder.

The album was nominated in the Metro FM awards. The album also boasted hit songs like “Bayang’sukela” featuring Bleksem and DJ Cleo, “D n B Beat”, “Uyang’thola” featuring Bantu Soul and “Femme Fatale” featuring Mpho Maboi.

In 2011 DJ Clock produced the huge hit “Imoto” for Professor. The song won the SAMA award for the Record of the Year in 2011.

After 3 successful albums and 3 successful years DJ Clock decided to take a break from releasing his music.

AM-PM Productions did continue with business as usual and even signed a deal with Universal Music South Africa.

Through that partnership deal with Universal Music, DJ Clock’s released his fourth studio album “The Fourth Tick: A Clockumentary” in 2014 which went to achieve Platinum Status. The album has 71 songs on 6 CDs.

The album featured the hit single “Pluto” featuring Beatenberg. The single did not only launch the musical band “Beatenberg’s” career, but also went on to be the most played song in Africa and sat at the No.1 spot on the South African radio charts for a record breaking 37 weeks. The song went on to reach international acclaim.

Late 2016 DJ Clock released his 5th studio album titled “The 5th Tick” which is his latest studio album as of writing this.

Since than DJ Clock has released a “The Only Constant is Change” EP. The EP was released late 2018.

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