What Happened to Bongi Dube


Bongi Dube is the daughter of the late legendary reggae musician Lucky Dube. Like her father Bongi Dube is also a musician.

Some Back Ground

Reports state that Bongi got into the music industry by chance. I would say destiny if you believe in such. With a father in the music industry she started singing from a young age. Singing in school choirs.

She made her breakthrough into the music industry when she got a call from a guy, Bheki Dlamini who had heard her sing and wanted her to sing vocals on a track he was doing. Long story short the song was a lit and it even landed on DJ Bongz album.

I personally remember her for her two smash hit songs on her debut album. The songs are titled “Ngifuna Wena” and “Go Around.”

Her sound was a bit of dance, soul and rnb. She also had that voice. That voice that serenates your ears and makes your feet want to move.


Best Of (2011)

Ngifuna Wena (2014)

Benginawe (2018)

What Happened to Bongi Dube

bongi dube
Bongi Dube

Bongi Dube is in all accounts a naturally talented musician. It seems to run in the family. She got it from her dad.

So touching a little on maybe why she releases not so frequently I am going to reference an article I found on Daily Sun. So take the following with a pinch of salt.

Attitude Problem

According to reports in Daily Sun her attitude problem is ruining her career. It is alleged that she had an ugly fight with her producer Dust Nkosi which ended with her music career being put on hold.

One source alleged this is not the first time Bongi fought with her producers.

“Her bad attitude has ruined her working relationship with various producers in Durban,” claimed the source.

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Sunday Sun understands Bongi parted ways with her first producer, Bheki Dlamini, because of her alleged bad attitude.

“She then joined Koze Kuse hit maker Mondli Ngcobo before he was famous. But that relationship didn’t see the light of day because of the same allegations of bad attitude,” claimed the source.

Another source said as a result, the Go Around hit maker’s album was canned.

“This lady has an attitude problem. She can’t work with people. The issue in this case was a hard drive that contained four unreleased songs. The hard drive crashed and Dust was prepared to start the songs afresh even though he had nothing to do with the hard drive. But Bongi was so unpleasant and started making bad remarks to the producer.

“Then those bad remarks ended their relationship prematurely,” the source added.

When contacted for comment, Dust described the singer as moody and controlling.

Now if all those reports are true, I do see such behaviours not getting her far in the music industry. Relationships are important in any field for that matter.

A lot of her life outside music is really kept on the hush. She got married in 2015 to her long-time boyfriend who she met in 2011. The wedding was attended was attended by close friends and family.

So with all these reports of albums being on hold she released her third studio album this year title “Benginawe.” There is even a music video you can watch.

So Bongi Dube is definitely still around. She has a new album out and hopefully more in store for us.

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