What Happened to Akin Omotoso


Akin Omotoso is a Nigerian film director, writer, actor and entrepreneur.

Some Background

Akin Omotoso was born in Nigeria and grew up in Osun State. His family moved to South Africa in 1992 after his father got a job at the University of the Western Cape. Akin Omotoso enrolled at the same university and obtained a diploma in speech and drama.

He played Basketball for the varsity team but had to throw in the towel because the tournaments coincided with his rehearsals.

While he was still in university he made his acting debut when he was cast in the play Sunjata directed by Mark Fleishman. He won The Fleur du Cap Award for Most Promising Student in 1995 for his role in the play.

He used the money from acting in the play to fund his directorial ambitions. He completed three short films titled “The Kiss of Milk”, “The Nightwalkers” and “The Caretaker.”

In 1999 he wrote his first full-length film titled God is African. He struggled to find funding and at the suggestion of his leading actor, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, he made it a low budget film. Shooting was done at night because everyone on set had day jobs.

Acting Roles

  • Isidingo (1998)
  • Double Shift (1998)
  • A Reasonable Man (1999)
  • Operation Delta Force 5: Random Fire (2000)
  • Generations (2000)
  • Pendulum (2003)
  • God Is African (2003)
  • Gums & Noses (2004)
  • Zulu Love Letter (2004)
  • Crossing the Line (2005)
  • Lord of War (2005)
  • Blood Diamond (2006)
  • Shake Hands with the Devil (2007)
  • The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island (2007)
  • Jacob’s Cross (2008)
  • Diamonds (2009)
  • Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014)
  • Wonder Boy for President (2016)
  • Queen of Katwe (2016)
  • Catching Feelings (2017)

Directing Roles

  • Soul City (1994)
  • God is African (2003)
  • Gathering the Scattered Cousins (2006)
  • A Place Called Home (2006)
  • Soul Buddyz (2007)
  • Jacob’s Cross (2007)
  • Jesus and the Giant (2008)
  • Wole Soyinka: Child of the Forest (2009)
  • Man on Ground (2011)
  • End Game (2013)
  • Tell Me Sweet Something (2015)
  • Vaya (2016)
  • Fifty (2017)
  • Apart from acting and directing he also produces as well as writes.

What Happened to Akin Omotoso

Akin Omotoso
Akin Omotoso

While he was on Generations he was also directing Soul City. According to reports Mfundi Vundla was very supportive and would give him time off to direct Soul City. However after 4 years on Generations he said goodbye to his role as Khaya Motene.

He started T.O.M Pictures with Robbie Thorpe and Kgomotso Matsunyane. Under the newly established company he gained vast directing experience.

T.O.M Pictures closed down in 2009. He teamed up with Robbie Thorpe, Rethabile Mothobi to start Rififi Pictures. They have a website (www.rififipictures.com) that isn’t mobile responsive.

If you look under the “In Development” tab on the website you will see “Hope”, Road to Broadbay” and “Suidkus Zombies.”

An article on Actor Spaces stated “Akin is optimistic about the future of the film industry in South Africa, he says it may not be at Hollywood level, but it is growing and the market is opening up. He references ‘Love is a Four Letter Word’ and how it reached about 14million at the box office and Kalushi, 3million. “The battle hasn’t been won but the strides have been made” Film making may be an exhausting process but Akin, values the ‘the figuring it out process’. Every film he has made began as an exploration of an idea, then manifested year by year.”

In conclusion Akin Omotoso is still acting but his more prominent role is more behind the lens directing, producing, and writing.

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