OR Tambo Heist Suspect Arrested After Buying A Lamborghini

OR Tambo Heist Suspect Busted After Buying A Lambo

OR Tambo Heist Suspect Arrested After Buying A Lamborghini.

The police were alerted about the “suspicious” car purchase by the car salesman. I wonder since when has buying a multi-million rand car considered suspicious.

Reports say 5 arrests were made yesterday. Three of the men are security guards at OR Tambo International airport. One of the guards was stationed at vault where the R200 millions was stole or however much money stole. There is still no official amount.

OR Tambo International Airport Robbery of 24 Million

One of the 5 is a Centurion resident who was in possession of a Lamborghini and an undisclosed amount of money. No one wants to disclose this money it seems.

These recent arrests bring the total to 9 arrests to-date.

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