Skwatta Kamp could be making a comeback

Swatta Kamp
Swatta Kamp

Skwatta Kamp could be about to release a comeback album featuring their old greatest hits. This comes after many reports that have been suggesting such. Which isn’t a bad thing for the people who were born in the 80’s.

Skwatta Kamp is made up of seven group members. They are Infa, Nish, Shugasmakx, Nemza, Slikour, Bozza and the late Flabba.

Will they be able to impress or win the youngsters who were born in the 2000’s because the hip hop back then and the hip hop that they’re listening to now its two different styles. You could even be forgiven for thinking it was a different genre all together.

Finally catchy singing along music will be back, we hope. As we find it very hard to sing along to the new hip hop songs these days.

We hope they don’t change their style too match the industry norms.

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I wonder how things will be or how the songs will sound without Flabba’s nice and snazzy rhymes.

All we can say is Good Luck to you guys and we are eagerly waiting.

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