Sbahle Mpisane’s Stalker Won’t Leave Her Alone

Sbahle Mpisane

Sbahle has publicly come out about the mental and emotional torture she, along with her family, is suffering. She allegedly has a stalker in a lengthy post.

Sbahle took to Instagram and wrote, “For the past two weeks I have been dealing with messages from a stalker or hacker who has been blackmailing me & my family on my personal number”.

Sbahle was in a fatal car crash in August 2018 causing her to spend 3 months in hospital. She was discharged in November 2018. She further expressed that she has not been on her Twitter and Instagram accounts because she has been recovering so both her accounts have been hacked.

Sbahle pleaded with the unknown culprit to give her space to focus on her recovery.

“I pray and appeal to you, whoever you are to grant me peace”.

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