Samora Mangesi victim of racist attack

Television presenter, actor, voice over artist and MC Samora Mangesi shares the racially motivated ordeal he went through last week Friday while trying to be a good Samaritan.

Samora Mangesi took to his social media to describe how he was attacked and beaten unconscious while trying to help a group of white people whose car had overturned.

He wrote “On Friday night I was the victim of a racially motivated attack. After stopping to check on a group of young white people whose car had overturned, they called my friends & I Monkeys. When we engaged them on why we were being called such, they beat me up until I was unconscious.”

These are some very disturbing allegations for all South Africans as we are striving for an all-inclusive democratic country.

If you don’t want help why not just politely say you are fine and that help is on the way, than calling people who are trying to help out names.

Samora went on to say “over the past couple of days I have toyed with the idea of letting it go and just continuing with my life but apparently this is not the first time that this has happened to a black man in the West Rand, more especially around Wilropark.”

Hopefully he does take the necessary legal steps to get justice on those that attacked him.

The good news is he is okay and wrote “I am okay now. Most of the swelling has gone down and seemingly apart from a scar on my chin, a cut on the inside of my cheeck, swelling on my lips and a graze on my left temple, I’m alright.”

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