Rea Tstotella – The Spicey, Double Explosion That Has Us Hooked

Rea Tsotella

If you haven’t watched this TV show you are seriously missing out. Moja Love, found on DSTV channel 157, started in the beginning of 2018, bringing us a selection of local stories and reality shows. The channel portrays the different lifestyles of South Africa with some stories making us cry, some making us laugh at ourselves and others making us laugh and cry.
Rea Tsotella makes us laugh and cry. Rea Tsotella (meaning “we take care of people” in Sotho) is a talk show that resolves conflicts in ordinary South Africans lives.

The show has two versions; Rea Tsotella- Spicey hosted by Moshe Ndiki and Rea Tsotella – Double Explosion hosted by Bishop Makamu. Spicey is more humourous while Double Explosion, still also humourous, is slightly more serious. Rea Tsotella has real stories and real reactions. People reveal their real problems in front of a live audience, giving the audience the opportunity to comment, ask a question or give advice. We’ve seen stories about brothers feuding and shooting each other for a family business, women confronting womanizing men and women confessing to dating two men at once.

The past weeks episode was Double Explosion. It dealt with the serious issue of pastors exploiting their positions in the church (similar to the Omotoso trial) and making advances at young girls.
The seriousness of this episode has shocked many viewers as Rea Tsotella has been compared to American talk show The Jerry Springer Show.

In this episode the young lady previously dated the pastor and ended up falling pregnant. The pastor denied her baby, resulting in her moving away. Going on Rea Tsotella was an attempt to get him to take responsibility for his alleged baby. The young lady is so ashamed she doesn’t even want to be in the same space as the pastor. She tells her story in a pre-recorded video. The pastors wife is present though all this. Her reaction is particularly interesting; she seems like she is numb to the situation and doesn’t hold her husband accountable for his actions. Possibly, she takes her role as First Lady of the church very seriously and is trying to look stronger than she is on the inside or this situation is a regular occurrence in their household. We don’t know. The segment ends with an agreement to do a DNA test.

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