Please call me guy wants 7 billion from Vodacom

Please call guy wants 7 billion from Vodacom
Please call guy wants 7 billion from Vodacom

Nkosana Kenneth Makate is expected to take Vodacom back to court to fight the compensation offer.

Makate came to his then employers Vodacom with the “Please Call Me” idea. He claims to have come with this idea in 2000.

Vodacom’s head of legal and regulatory affairs Nkateko Nyoka said “Firstly, ‘Please Call Me’ was an idea, but not an original one. Secondly, Mr Makate’s idea was just that: a bare idea, which still had to be assessed for commercial viability and technical feasibility. Mr Makate neither provided any capital outlay nor assumed any risk, as any entrepreneur would do in the circumstances.”

Nyoka believes that Vodacom has complied with the Constitutional Court that has ruled in Makate’s favour.

According to reports Makate has rejected a R49 million compensation settlement from Vodacom and is said to believe that he deserves R7 billion.

In more recent reports Makate is said to be suing his former funders Rain Men Trade for fraud.

Rain Men Trade is also reportedly claiming a share of half the settlement with Vodacom.

It’s alleged that Rain Men have initially told Makate not to accept less that R650 million from Vodacom, but now have advised him to take the R49 million that was offered by Vodacom.

Vodacom has stated that it is now up to Makate to accept the agreement and send them his banking details for payment.

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