Ntsiki Mazwai ‘South Africans lack intelligence’

Ntsiki Mazwai said watching too much soapies is a sign of lacking intelligence

Ntsiki Mazwai a poet and well known for being opinionated on Twitter is a younger sister of songstress Thandiswa Mazwai.

Ntsiki is once again caught in scrutiny after expressing her views about the majority of South Africans watching “too many soapies” and how it says a lot about South African people in terms of their intelligence.

“The drama series and soapies you watch say a lot about your intelligence.”

She adds on by saying at least if your soapies had woke writers with an agenda…but dololo. They also watch soapies and don’t read books. I can tell by the content they create.

The controversial queen, as she is popularly known for being opinionated has shared her amazement that the most-watched shows were soapies, and implied on Twitter that was how unintelligent South Africans were.


And the music started, twitter reacted with some of the tweeps agreeing to the statement while others disagreeing with Ntsiki

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