Nandos SA roasts Bujy

Nandos SA roasts Bujy
Nandos SA roasts Bujy

Nandos SA roasts Bujy on Twitter isn’t something you will read every day.

The Zimbabwean born televisions and radio personality Bujy Bikwa found himself being put in his place by fast food chain Nandos Twitter account.

This is after Bujy tweeted “I’ve been Bujy stepping in the game since 2009 and @NandosSA comes with its Boujee Bowl as if the name is new… Nandos must pay respect where it’s due… I honestly don’t understand how they can just get away with using my name and not pay respect!”

After that it seems like Nandos SA Twitter account had a spicy reply of their and wrote “.@bujy, O ntse o phela? But then again… If you lived up to your name you would’ve had your own bowl.”

We don’t know who is the administrator of the Nandos SA Twitter account, but they definitely went to town on that reply.

As many people laughed DJ Fresh came through to sympathise with Bujy and wrote “BRO!!!!! I feel you …. am busy suing Milk, fruits and Air as we tweet!!! NX!!!”

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