Marry Me Now SA: Woman Empowerment or Male Emasculation

Talitha Ndima. Image from 1Magic

Hosted by Talitha Ndima, this show has been playing on our TV screens for a few weeks now. Every Friday at 7PM Marry Me Now SA on 1Magic hasSouth Africans tweeting (using #MarryMeNowSA) because of its unique concept.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, its about women that are tired of waiting for their men and take it upon themselves to propose to them. They have three days to prepare and on the final day (the day of the wedding) they propose to the man. He has to give his response on the spot. If he says yes, there’s a wedding. If he says no all that good food, décor, venue, guests and the wedding attires go to waste.

Lucky and Portia. Image from 1Magic

Historically, men have always been the ones to propose. Some people would argue that the shows concept is progressive and that this is one of the ways that a woman can exercise her equality. So far there has only been one man that did not walk down the isle. Most of these men so far have responded with tears when they saw their brides approach them in their wedding dresses. These men have the same response that women have when they are proposed to. Does this response make them more feminine?

Others would argue that it’s a man’s place to propose and that it should stay that way. They view this concept as “un-African”as our culture has set procedures to follow before 2 people can get married. The responses of the families have mostly been of confusion and awe. The word “embarrassing”has been used in a few of the episodes and the word “desperation” has been used a few times on Twitter. Its possible that these women are just willing to go through anything to marry the loves of their lives. The free wedding is just a bonus of course.

I’m all for women’s rights and progression but where do we draw the line? We can deny it all we want but there is a difference between men and women. So what really makes a woman a woman and what really makes a man a man?

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