Ligwalagwala FM fire Khaya Angel over social media posts

Ligwalagwala FM fire Khaya Angel over social media posts. Khaya Matcheque (Khaya Angel) has been fired after the backlash from videos she posted on social media calling for men to give money to their wives or girlfriends.

There was uproar on social media following her videos and even a march was supposedly planned. The march never materialised though.

A SABC spokesperson Vuyo Mthembu said “The SABC can confirm that Matche-gue’s contract has been terminated. However, we will not go into the details of the matter as it is between the SABC and Matchegue.”

Ligwalagwala FM did release a statement on Friday that reads “In view of what transpired over the past week Ligwalagwala FM management has taken a decision to terminate the contract of Ms Khaya Matcheque with immediate effect.

It is worth noting that this decision is based solely on Khaya’s admission of guilt in a report she wrote to the station’s management that acknowledges her contravention of her contractual obligation to the SABC.

She admitted that her actions have brought the brand into disrepute and polarized the principal client which is the listener of the station.

Ligwalagwala FM management was left with no choice but to follow the prescripts of the contract that bound the SABC to Khaya and terminate the contract.”

Khaya Angel has since deleted those videos and also posted a video apologising however it seem like those gestures were not enough for her to avoid being fired.

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