Lerato Sengadi clears the air after Seabelo Modibe’s allegation

Lerato Sengadi clears the air after Seabelo Modibe’s allegation. Seabelo Modibe who was HHP’s business partner at Lekoko Entertainment records made allegations that Lerato Sengadi was not actually HHP wife and she wasn’t entitled to collect HHP’s SAMA Lifetime Achievement award on his behalf.

Lerato Sengadi has released a statement address those allegations that are in the headlines made by Seabalo Modibe.

In the statement Lerato Sengadi states that she applied and submitted all relevant paperwork to the South African Music Awards and RISA for the opportunity that Jabba may be considered for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

When she was informed that that Jabba would be honoured with the prestigious award she then notified Jabba’s family.

The statement has been shared by numerous social media users in support of Lerato Sengadi.

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