Lasizwe Dambuza lying about buying an apartment

Lasizwe Dambuza
Lasizwe Dambuza

Lasizwe was interviewed on the breakfast show hosted by Fresh and Somizi, he was telling them about his successful life in the industry and mentioned that he also bought a house at Sandton.

He posted about his new crib on social media and captioned the post “Dear Mom, Your son 🏡! From Pimville Soweto to Sandton – #LOOKATGOD

Dear Mom, Your son 🏡! From Pimville Soweto to Sandton – #LOOKATGOD

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According to him the boyfriend bought the house for him. He is just waiting on the boyfriend to change the ownership to his name which he only mentioned after her Sister Khanyi Mbau reprimanded him about lying. Khanyi Mbau said that he does not own a house, he is only renting the place.

Lasizwe replied to her sister’s comment and said that he does not know why her sister is upset and said maybe she is having a bad day. Lasizwe is definitely having a great day because he is about to own a house in Sandton.

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