Lasizwe accused copying content again

Content creator and comedian Lasizwe Dambuza has been accused of copying content again. By now we have lost count, but it’s to be expected from Lasizwe. He does have a reality show called “Fake it, till you make it.”

His latest copycat accusations come after Lasizwe posted a video titled “How VW Polo Drivers live in South Africa.” On a personal note I did find the video quite amusing. The car beeping sound he makes though.

Social media users noticed that the video that Lasizwe posted was exactly the same as another video posted by Namibian comedian MaybeShesBornWithIt,MaybeIts. Her Twitter handle is @waybeline.

MaybeShesBornWithIt,MaybeIts did set the record straight on social media and wrote “Hey guys he asked for permission and gave me credits on IG. But totally follow me ive got loads of other content and videos ig @maybe_its_waybeline.”

So the is Lasizwe a copycat content creator debate most certainly continues.

This time around it does appear that Lasizwe did copy from another video and he was given permission to do so.

Many will say that there are very few original ideas left and all that we can do is improve what’s already been done before.

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