Kelly Khumalo cyber bullying isn’t on

In this digital time we are living in we sometimes forget that bullying has also evolved from just physical. There is cyber bullying as well.

Kelly Khumalo has found herself a victim of cyber bullying and it seems like most are oblivious to that they are doing it. If they are aware they need some serious introspection.

Yesterday Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo’s videos shocked South Africa as many express their views on the incident. Some called for Babes Wodumo to leave and go to the authorities.

Some called for Mampintsha to be locked up with immediate affect considering there is video evidence of his abuse of Babes Wodumo.

Then #IfIWasBabes started trending in which peoples express what they would do if they were in Babes Wodumo shoes. This is when Kelly Khumalo was dragged into all this.

There is nothing funny about making fun of a bully by bullying someone else. In all honest that just doesn’t even make sense.

Those that see something wrong with Mampintsha bullying Babes Wodumo yet cyberbully Kelly Khumalo are no different from any bully.

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