Jub Jub to expose cheating ministers and celebrities

Jub Jub to expose cheating ministers
Jub Jub to expose cheating ministers

Jub Jub to expose cheating ministers as well and 5 celebrities.

Ever since DSTV Moja Love Uyajola 99 hit the small screens it has definitely been the talk of the town.

Cheaters are trembling in there lying boots and rightfully so as the show doesn’t not chose who they will be exposing.

One on the show’s host Jub Jub whose real name is Molemo Maarahanya has also found himself hit the trending list as well. Many praising him for apparently doing the lords work by exposing those that are cheating.

Well Jub Jub seems to want to start exposing cheaters on his personal social media accounts now.

Jub Jub posted the following on his Twitter account “I’ll be revealing two images of two popular ministers doing the most from Durban July and 5 of your favorite celebrities on my Instagram soon. #jubjub #jublamaswidamaningi #jubalesganga #jubjubsignaturechallenge

We not too sure how we feel about Jub Jub exposing cheaters on his own personal social media accounts because it is starting to feel like it’s personal.

We love the show and hope that all exposing of cheaters will be done on the Uyajola 99 show.

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