Is Touch HD facing liquidation?

Is Touch HD facing liquidation
Is Touch HD facing liquidation

Tbo-Touch’s company Touch HD and Marketing is facing a risk of being liquidated.

Tbo-Touch whose real name is Thabo Molefe is the owner of Touch HD and Marketing which also owns the digital radio station Touch HD.

Boomtown Events which is a company based in Durban claim to have entered into an agreement with Touch HD and Marketing to provide hospitality services at Durban July in 2017.

Those services included the provision of food, drinks, bar facilities, lounge furniture and seating arrangements.

After the event Boomtown Event allegedly tried in vain to get payment from Touch HD and Marketing.

Thus Boomtown Events have reportedly filed papers in the South Gauteng High Court last in January 2019 to take legal possession of assets owned by Touch HD and Marketing for allegedly failing to pay for their hospitality bill of almost R190 000.

It is believed that if Tb-Touch does not file notice of intention to oppose that liquidation application made by Boomtown Events. The matter will then be heard in court on March 12th where a default judgement will like be given against Touch HD and Marketing.

The court papers reportedly read “the applicant provided the respondent with an invoice, which till this day has not been settled.”

This is allegedly after Touch HD and Marketing book keeper Treflet Payet sent an email to Boomtown Event on the 24th July 2017 confirming that payment will be made.

Then in September 2017 Payet sent another email to make arrangements to of R50 000 until the bill was settled.

However there were never any payment which in turn has forced Boomtown to take legal action against Touch HD and Marketing.

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