What happened To Denise Zimba


Kopano Denise Zimba is a South African singer, dancer, actress, television presenter and entrepreneur. She is known as being very out spoken, gorgeous and mostly bat faeces crazy. In a good way though.

Some Background

Zimba is said to have fallen in love with entertaining at a young age. She enjoyed singing dancing. She even sang backing vocals and was a dancer for the rap group Jozi. Click on the top right to watch the video on What Happened To Jozi.

In 2013 she was a member of the all-girl group Fly Chix. There was even a documentary series that followed the all-girl group attempt to break into the music industry.

After the Fly Chix show Zimba joined Vuza V-Entertainment daily show as a presenter.

Other Televisions Roles

  • Generations: The Legacy
  • 10 Over 10
  • Looking for the Loerie with Denis
  • Ridiculousness Africa
  • The Wedding Bashers
  • Zabalaza
  • Vodacom Nxt Lvl
  • Channel O Top 5 Drive


As part of the Fly Chix I couldn’t find a song with Denise Zimba.

I did find two solo singles titled “Who Are We” and “Lunatic”

What happened To Denise Zimba

denise zimba
Denise Zimba

Let us begin at the Fly Chix drama. There are reports of some ladies who left the group even before the show aired. Replacements were made. Eventually the show kicked off with Chanelle, Denise, Joy, Takkies and Zeena.

Denise would leave the group and Fly chix recorded a song titled “Fist of Fire” without Denise.

Let’s talk about some wild behaviour

Do you guys remember that one time she took of her wig while recording live on V Entertainment? Yes that really did happen and it really did trend.

Do you guys remember that one time she showed up at the Channel O Awards red carpet  wearing this dress that leave very little for my imagination. She basically rocked up to the awards in her underwear. Truth be told this wild behaviour I don’t mind. Not one bit.

Do you guys remember that one time on #TheVTable she said this about Ayanda Thabethe “Ayanda is gorgeous, I do not think she is talented, I do not think she has it.” Funny enough on social media a lot of people seemed to be on the same page as she was. It’s almost feels like all those people were waiting for that one crazy person to speak first and then they can come out the shadows in support. Not cool.

Leaving Generations in 2015. In this particular matter there conflicting reports about her departure from the soapie. Some report say that she was axed and that the producers of Generations: The Legacy decided not to renew her contract. Other reports say  “the ‘Generations’ work ate up all her time and allowed her very little space to take her career in other directions, and that the strict daily routine also eventually got to her.” Which is which I leave you to decide on that. Either way she left Generations and as far as I can recall I through roughly enjoyed watching her character on Generations: The Legacy.

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Leaving V-Entertainment in 2016. According to reports she felt that she was bringing in the ratings for the company, but was continuously overlooked and not acknowledged.

During an interview on CliffCentral Denise apparently said this “If you are not going to utilize me or see my worth at some point, I’m going to do what I need to do for myself. For me personally, I didn’t think they had my best interest at heart. For someone who was ranking in the ratings, no recognition. No Nothing.”

Then she left the country and took a sabbatical from the entertainment industry. Sstarted posting pictures of herself in Bikini’s and more bikini’s. And damn.

But she is back now doing the Channel O Top 5 Drive, Mzansi Magic Vodacom Nxt Lvl and the Wedding Bashers. Talk about hit the ground running.p

There are also reports that she is working on her album which is rumoured to be titled Wonderland. When can we expect this? Well like all great summer block buster movies it is said to be coming soon.

So Denise Zimba is definitely still around and has loads more in store us entertainment lovers out there.

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