Four Arrest Made In OR Tambo Heist One Being a Police Officer


OR Tambo Four Arrest

National police commissioner Khomotso Phahlane revealed that four suspect in the OR Tambo International Airport robbery have been arrested. One of the four arrested is a police officer.

The theories that the robbery was an inside job are looking more and more likely.

Phahlane did not disclose who the police officer is rather had this to say “Allow me at this stage to not disclose the details of this person until a point where the questioning is concluded. I can’t tell you about the station and so on.”

We also have a little more details on what was taken. It is believed a total of 27 parcels containing foreign currency were taken during the armed robbery. The parcels were headed to London on an SAA flight. The amount is still undisclosed, however estimates report a range from R24 million to R200 million. The money has not been recovered.

Two of the suspects have already appeared in court while the other two are being interrogated. The suspects face charges of armed robbery.

OR Tambo International Airport Robbery of 24 Million


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