Ford Kuga Explodes

If you want to have a braai this weekend and you don’t have a braai stand. Invite a friend who drives a Ford Kuga.

Ford Kuga’s are exploding left, right and centre. What is even scarier? It’s estimated that over 6000 suspected Ford Kuga’s have been sold and bought in South Africa. So next time you pull up next to a Ford Kuga it could be that 1 in 6000. South Africa does love SUV’s.

Some stats

2017 we have 11 reports of Ford Kuga’s bursting into flames and it is only the 20th of January

2016 there were over 30 reports of Ford Kuga’s bursting into flames.

2015 a man was burnt to death inside his Ford Kuga as it burst into flames.

It seems like every latest invention these days is exploding.

We had the Samsung Galaxy Note 7…

Then we had Vapes.

Please do not use a Galaxy note 7 while vaping inside a Ford Kuga.

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