Excited To Be Back – Sophie Ndaba Shares about her new role in Lockdown

Sophie Ndaba Lichaba isn't broke, it's the devil
Sophie Lichaba has joined the cast of Lockdown

South African veteran actress Sophie Ndaba is ready for a new chapter in her life and has joined the cast of popular drama series Lockdown

The star, who is best known for her role as Queen Moroka on Generations told TshisaLive that ‘she is excited to be back in a drama series and said it was a dream come true to join the cast of the star-studded show.’

“I am so excited to join the show. It is one of the few SA programmes that are really well done. It is so different from everything else on screens. I have loved it from the moment I walked on set.”

Just a few days ago the actress had lashed out at new death rumours that sent social media into chaos mode recently, calling the reports “heartbreaking” and traumatic for her family

Sophie has battled with diabetes for over a decade and it finally feels like she is ready to get back in front of the camera

Speaking to TshisaLive ‘She said that she could relate to the struggles of her character after her own battle with depression.’

“As a woman, you say you don’t go through depression but when I talk to people, more and more I realize that I actually was at some point depressed. But I have changed and I am more comfortable with who I am.”

Sophie Lichaba will make her debut in January and said fans would relate to her character.

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