Emtee’s Music Career Woes


SA Rapper Emtee has taken to Twitter to express his frustration regarding his music career. He says that he has worked hard and encouraged other come-ups but has not had enough support when it comes to his own career. He has been restricted or held back from opportunities. Some of his frustration seems to subtly be direct at his record label, Ambitiouz Records.

The conversation of the restrictions in the music industry has been brought up before with artists like Fifi Cooper being barred by her then record label, Ambitiouz Records, from performing any music she had created under their management.

Fans, of course, have been giving their own views on this matter. Some sympathize with Emtee, others express concern and the rest think its he is over exaggerating. Fans have tweeted that he should have left his record label when A-Reece did. A-Reece was amongst other big names such as Amanda Black and Benchmarq who left Ambitiouz Records.

So we all wonder… will Emtee be next?

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