DJ Zinhle in AKA’s Video?


Earlier this month when rapper AKA shared pictures of himself on vacation. Speculations were sparked when DJ Zinhle also shared pictures of herself on vacation too with similar landscapes was very similar to AKA’s. This raised speculation and rumours of a reunion between the two on social media. 

AKA and DJ Zinhle

There are now further rumours and speculation of a reunion as a woman that looks very similar to Zinhle appears in AKA’s video promo for his upcoming app, AKA world. The app promo video features scenes from his recent vacation. Their daughter, Kairo, also stars in it. Although we do not see the face of the woman in the video, the attire she has on is very similar to Zinhle’s outfit posted to Instagram of her vacation earlier this month.

AKA and DJ Zinhle have been spotted on outings together but one thing was missing on these outings – their daughter.

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