DJ Sbu responds to Zahara’s claims

DJ Sbu responds to Zahara’s claims. Throughout most of last week Zahara has made allegations that her former record label TS Records owes her money. There was no exact amount that was really put forth as to how much is owed.

TS Records was co-owned by Thembinkosi Nciza and DJ Sbu (Sbusiso Leope) from 2001 to 2015 as per DJ Sbu statement.

DJ Sbu wrote on his Instagram post “NB: TS Records was a music company owned by myself Sbusiso Leope and Mr Thembinkosi Nciza from 2001 – 2015.

It is public knowledge that TS Records no longer trades, but our previous musical works, agreements, rights and/or contracts including works with Zahara, were/are still held under TS Records 
for any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact our legal team.”

There was a statement from TS Records that reads “TS Records was Bulelwa Mkutukane aka Zahara’s record label during the period that she recorded ‘Loliwe’, ‘Phendula’ and ‘Country Girl’.

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These recordings were released through EMI South Africa and then Through Universal Music. To the best of TS Records knowledge, Zahara and the producer of the above albums were paid and continue to receive all forms of royalties that are due to them. Publishing works belonging to Zahara are all owned by her in her own personal capacity and have been continuously paid by our Publishing partners Sheer in to her own personal banking accounts.”

There were statements from Sheer Publishing Africa as well as EMI Universal Music South Africa that confirmed TS Records statement that Zahara has been paid.

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