DJ Cleo and Brickz unexpected reunion

DJ Cleo and Brickz have an unexpected reunion during a prison soccer match.

Non-profit organisation Humanitarian Empowerment Fund organised a football event to help rehabilitate the inmates. Among those inmates was kwaito star Sipho Ndlovu (Brickz).

A group of former local professional soccer players were invited and music producer DJ Cleo was one of them.

According to a News24 article “Brickz looked stylish in tan Timberland ankle boots with a matching leather belt, his shirt neatly tucked in.”

“He sprinted towards Cleo, whom he greeted with a firm handshake and a bear hug that lasted for a few seconds” the article read.

Brickz was part of the entertainment programme while DJ was on the pitch playing soccer.

Cleo said this about what he a Brickz talked about “I also gave him feedback from a parent’s point of view of his son. My assessment of his son’s wellbeing and state of mind, and so on. More importantly, the event was all about the camaraderie.”

Cleo took to his social media to post images of him and Brickz with the following caption “We all run our own races, he fell along the way….but the race is not over”

This tweet proved to divide opinions as many pointed out that Brickz fall was onto a minor’s innocence.

Other pointed out that true friend does indeed last and endure.

Justice was served to Brickz and he is currently serving time for his criminal act. The race for Brickz isn’t over as he still has many years left on his sentence and a chance to be rehabilitated.

Currently the law is being adhered to and hopefully when Brickz comes out he will be a rehabilitated individual.Paragraph

Perhaps for now it was just a matter of too soon for people to see Brickz.

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