Bahumi Mhlongo Gives Star Performance In Lebo Mathosa Biopic

Bahumi Mhlongo plays the role of a young Lebo Mathosa in ‘Dream: The Lebo Mathosa Story’.

Not so long ago fans had doubts about Bahumi, who is a daughter to Somizi Mhlongo if she would deliver and portray Lebo Mathosa’s story according to the expectation.

In The Lebo Mathosa Story last week, Bahumi Mhlongo has continued to slay her portrayal of the veteran singer. Some even say she should be playing KB’s role too, who is playing the older Lebo Mathosa.

Bahumi has brought out the Lebo Mathosa’s trademark character of no-nonsense attitude and street style to life in ways many did not think possible.

She has kept critics in silence especially those who said that she only got the gig because of being the daughter of Somizi Mhlongo.

Bahumi Mhlongo has won Lebo Mathosa’s fans and gets props

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