AKA and Shane Eagle Takes Steps To Squashing The Beef

AKA and Shane Eagle Takes Steps To Squashing The Beef

AKA and Shane Eagle had a heated exchange on social media which seems to have resulted in AKA even going as far as blocking Shane Eagle on Twitter.

Just a trip down memory lane last year AKA announced on his social media platforms that his album ‘Touch My Blood’ had reached gold status which is an achievement for an independent artist.

Shane Eagle soon wrote a tweet that read “FOH N*GGA YOU BEEEEEN SIGNED.”

Fans and evidently AKA thought the tweet was aimed at AKA’s previous tweet and so AKA responded. AKA wrote on Twitter “The worst part is, I actually like you and what you’re doing. Today you talk to me like this? Like I’m one of your f**king laatie friends? …”

AKA followed that tweet with the following “I know it hurts because my album came out a week ago and has already gone gold, and yours has been out for nearly a year or something and is what? … Here’s some help. A reply. Something for you to hold on to. Good luck. I hope this helps your cause.”

Clearly AKA felt some type of way from Shane’s tweet. AKA later deleted the tweets directed to Shane and subsequently block him.

Coming back to now it appears that the two are ready to bury the hatched once and for all.

Shane Eagle seems to be the one who took the first steps to squashing the beef when he took to Twitter to ask AKA to send him a pair of his Reebok’s sneakers.

We suppose someone did tell AKA and he said he would unblock Shane Eagle on Twitter.


Perhaps a SneAKA is on its way to Shane Eagle.

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