Rape Case Against Sjava Thrown Out By NPA

NPA says evidence could not lead to successful prosecution

South Africans are split into two groups, this is after news broke that the rape case singer Lady Zamar opened against musician and ex-boyfriend Sjava was thrown out of court by the National Prosecuting Authority.

The award winning musician Sjava, who had been accused of raping his ex-girlfriend, Lady Zamar three years ago, finally gets relief.

Soweten reported on Monday night, that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) threw out the rape case opened against Sjava on the grounds that they believed “the facts or evidence do not support a successful prosecution”.

According to TshisaLive, Sjava’s management said it had “no comment” on the case being thrown out of court, Lady Zamar and her management apparently did not respond to TshisaLVE’s request for comment at the time the article was published.  

Lady Zamar went to twitter at that time of the allegations and penned a lengthy Twitter thread about the pain she had allegedly endured at the hands of an ex-boyfriend.

There after Sjava addressed abuse and assault allegations levelled against him, telling followers he had filed an application for the matter to be heard in the high court.

“As a final statement on this matter, I write to you as my colleagues, business partners, peers and supporters to inform you that I will not be engaging on matters of assault and abuse levelled against me on social media or any other platform.

“I have instituted legal proceedings in the high court of SA and as such the matter is now sub judice,” he said at the time.

The rape allegations cost musician Sjava work opportunities that forced him to release another statement, in the form of a video on his Instagram. According to TshsiaLive Sjava did a video, the musician denied raping Lady Zamar once more and called for people not to prosecute him as it was affecting his livelihood.

Lady Zamar responded to the video statement and also took to Instagram where she remained adamant that she had been raped by the Xola musician and went on to detail what happened on that fateful night, TshisaLive reported.

As soon as the latest news came out Tuesday morning that the NPA had thrown the matter out of court, fans went on social media to express themselves with many happy and reliefed that Sjava was finally of the hook. Some felt Sjava could finally “move on” with his life, while others were just happy the court of public opinion would not criticise them for listening to his music.

With some tweeps wondering if Lady Zamar’s music/work would also be cancelled since the allegations seemed false or rather lacked evidence to back up the claim.

Mzansi reacts:

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