Traditional Healer Gogo Bathini Mbatha Backs Jackie Phamotse On Dark Magic Claims

Jackie Phamotse has teamed up with veteran traditional healer Gogo Bathini Mbatha to discuss about people who use dark magic to accumulate riches, specifically celebs and other prominent personalities.

This is after Jackie shocked everyone on social media with her comments about “rich people using snakes to acquire wealth.”

According to TshisaLive, Gogo Bathini validated Jackie’s claims that snakes are used to acquire riches. He also revealed that he specialises in dealing with celebrities and politicians, but wouldn’t be drawn into revealing any names.

“A snake, if it is well bred with the right muti on it, can make your business go from one to 100. I personally specialise with celebrities, pastors, all sorts of prominent people, entrepreneurs, business people, a lot.

“If I were to be given the right to talk, I could mention a lot of celebrity and political names and you would be shocked.”

Certain people on social media who already own snakes as pets asked Jackie to clarify, if they were also counted among the people who use these snakes for the same ritual, Bathini Mbatha explained.

“The snakes are not the same in everybody. It’s either a snake as a pet or a snake to bring wealth. It’s not the same.

Gogo Bathini also explained the different types of snakes required for this ritual.

“Other snakes bring luck without sleeping with anyone. Some snakes bring luck with the terms and conditions of sleeping with somebody [sexually sleeping with the snake]. I have samples of snakes that bring luck without sleeping with anyone.” 

 The award-winning author told TshisaLIVE she was glad people were speaking about the topic, even after overwhelming responses on social media.

“I’m quite glad people are speaking about it, and I hope they are speaking about it to enlighten and educate themselves on the issue at hand, being ukuthwala or cults. It’s a global phenomenon which is not new to the black tradition.

“What we need to do is to understand the positive and negatives regarding these practices. I hope people soak in the knowledge that has been imparted from specialists, from sangomas, from myself. Even in my recent book [Eagle] I speak very widely about sex cults.”  

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