Moonchild claps back after tweep says she is not worthy of a Grammy

Musician Moonchild Sanelly clapped back at a tweep after making it known he doesn’t believe she’s ever going to win a Grammy for her music.

Sanelly made sure the guy knew that not only does she make her money in pounds, but she is also winning on the global stage.

Moonchild was giving herself credit about the success of her latest projects on the global stage and her international collaborations. This after her latest feature on British band Gorillaz’ new album Song Machine. The song Moonchild’s is on is called With Love To An Ex.

Moonchild questioned why SA mainstream media was quiet on her  when she’s clearly has been putting in work.

“South African media! How are u quiet?! That’s why I make my pounds in peace because you don’t celebrate us until we leave!

“I dare you to say I represent South Africa after my Grammy! Watch my response,” she said.

Sanelly’s tweet quickly saw a few tweeps make fun of her belief that she will one day win a Grammy. Well she wasn’t gonna let this one pass, the mocking didn’t last long because when she caught the scent of the doubt about her greatness, she fired shots.

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