Tweeps Name Bheki Cele As Minister Of Alcohol

Police Minister Bheki Cele was in the headlines following raids on bars, shebeens and clubs who were contravening the Disaster Management Act.

One such establishment that was shutdown by the police is Blackdoor lounge in Sandton.

The club was operating past the current midnight curfew in South Africa. On top of that they didn’t have a liquor license, there was no manager on the premises and the club was packed beyond capacity.

Minister Bheki Cele said “There were almost 300 people, no masks, no social distancing and breaking the law and it tells you that we won’t survive the second wave if it is here. Besides breaking the lockdown law, people are breaking the real law and being here after curfew.”

The Covid-19 cases are indeed on the rise and there has been much chatter about a second wave soon to hit South Africa.

Though taking a look at the designation of Minister of Alcohol that Twitter users have bestowed on Bheki Cele.

It seems some users feel that Cele is only competent at arresting alcohol offenders in the country and pointed out that when it comes to crimes such as GBV and human trafficking he turns a blind eye.

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