Master KG Trolled About His Looks

Music producer extraordinaire Master KG found himself being trolled on social media over his looks.

Master KG who is currently flying high on his hit song Jerusalema featuring Nomcebo Zikode that has over 200 million views on YouTube.

It seems that Master KG was feeling himself and decided to let people on social media know. He reportedly posted an image of himself and captioned it “Hi my name is Master KG and I’m hot just like my music.”

His music is undoubtedly hot as I am sure many would agree though it seems like Twitter users were not too convinced about him being hot just like his music.

Twitter is not a place to go bragging and looking for affirmation about your looks if you are one who is faint of heart as all you will find is trolls ready to troll you till judgement comes.

What seems to have even made the trolling matter worse is the current minister of transport Fikile Mbalula commenting with a bunch of laughing emoji. Ouch.

Well the images of Master KG have since been deleted as you would imagine following the trolling. Though Master KG has also come out to deny that it was him who posted the images.

A user on Twitter wrote “Twitter is a jungle so y’all made Master KG to delete this pic. Smh mina I’mma just do me your opinions don’t matter.”

Master KG replied to that user and wrote “Lol bro its crazy coz I was not on Twitter the whole day someone was tweeting on my behalf and I found this when I logged in n deleted lol.”

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