Katlego Maboe’s Wife Monique Responds To The Video Backlash

What a rollercoaster week it has been for Katlego Maboe and his baby mama Monique Muller as their breakup story has been the talk of the town ever since the leaked confession video of Katlego.

It has been a whole week now and perhaps some of us are waiting for the next big trending scandal. Well it seems like Monique is keeping their breakup scandal alive as she has done a tell all interview with YouTube channel GoBinge.

According to GoBinge about section “GoBinge is an african millennial and generation z focused content platform focused on creating and delivering the most relevant entertainment to africa’s internet generation.”

GoBinge posted a one minute preview video to the full interview.

The preview may be just a minute long though quite a lot of tea is spilled in that which just makes you want to set a reminder for the full interviews.

The first thing Monique talks about is how they met. She says they met at Coco. Katlego came up to her and they ended up having a one night stand. So just like that one night Katlego had with Nikita Murray right?

Monique also talks about the alleged abuse. She says when the first physical attack happened she got a restraining order against him. She also does break down in the clip and starts to cry.

The last part on the preview Monique talks about how Katlego is as a father and she says “he is a Fucking great father.”

As far as enticing previews goes this one definitely falls into that category.

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