What We Know About Nikita Murray AKA Katlego Maboe Side Chick

Being a celebrity has its benefits as one who is not a celebrity would imagine. The limelight has such a pull for those that seek it hoping that only great things will be written in the tabloids about them.

Well as much as you can be celebrated by many fans, the same fans can turn against you in the space of watching your confession to cheating on a viral video. Then just like that all the hard work you have put in to be where you are in the entertainment industry can be ruined along with your reputation.

Presenter Katlego Maboe is currently the trending topic after his viral video of him confessing to his wife of his infidelity. In that video Katlego also names the lady that he cheated with as Nikita Murray.

So what does the internet know about Nikita Murray?

1 – Katlego Slept With Nikita Once

In the viral video has been making rounds on social media Katlego Maboe admitted to having slept with her once. He stated that it happened in his hotel room. The viral video is believed to have been taken by Katlego’s wife Monique Muller who gave him an ultimatum if he would not confess. Monique also does say that Katlego infected her with an STD that is putting her at the risk of not conceiving a second baby in that video.

2 – She Works For An Insurance Company

It is alleged that Nikita Murray works for Outsurance, which is an insurance company that Katlego Maboe works as an ambassador for. The company has revealed that it is removing all the TV commercials that Maboe has featured in as soon as practically possible. An Outsurance spokesperson said the following on a Channel24 article “We are aware of the issue surrounding Katlego Maboe and have engaged with him on this. We want to provide Katlego and his family the time and space to deal with this private situation. In the meantime, we will be removing all advertisements featuring Katlego as soon as practically possible.” As of now there is no statement whether Nikita Murray is facing any action from Outsurance.

3 – Nikita Is In A Relationship

Nikita Murray was confessing her love to another man in December 2019. According to her Instagram profile, she is in love with Matthew Murray. She is also a mother to Jack Murray. On Nikita Murray Instagram page, she shared what looked like a romantic picture of herself and her lover. She has, however, made the account private. So for now this is all being alleged by those who were able to view her profile on Instagram before she made it private.

4 – The Viral Video Has Caused Her Pain 

On 22nd October 2020, a couple of hours after the video had gone viral, Nikita Murray commented on the cheating scandal. Through a post on her Twitter account, she posted “This video has caused nothing but pain to me and my family. An official statement will be released in the morning from my lawyers. I kindly ask that you please take it down and stop retweeting, please.” 

The accounts authenticity has been questioned on Twitter though one thing that does seem authentic is Nikita Murray and Katlego Maboe cheating scandal has turned out to be worse than anyone had foreseen. Katlego has had his ads with insurance company Outsurance pulled and he has also been suspended from the SABC3 Expresso Morning Show. To add to Katlego’s misery he shared that he is going through a legal but painful separation.

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