Shauwn Mkhize Sets The Record Straight Over SARS Saga

Shauwn Mkhize has once again come out to set the record straight with regards to the reports that have surfaced that she owes SARS over R204 million in taxes from her company Zikhulise Cleaning Maintenance & Transport.

Earlier on she said that SARS had applied for the liquidation in 2016 but the ruling had not been given until now.

“After that we went to the TAX court with SARS, the matter was appealed and we reached a settlement with SARS. Now everybody is getting excited about this like it is a new thing. In any case, I’ve instructed my lawyers to appeal [the judgement] so that it comes to an end and that it’s finalised and we’re good to go again.”

Yesterday Shauwn Mkhize appeared on news channels to address the matter, before that she posted the following statement on her Instagram.

“Good day please catch me today on the sabc news channel 404 at 3pm and Later on sabc 1 and sabc 2, 17h30 and 19h00 as I set the record straight Re the SARS saga thank you to all of those who have taken time to message and make phone call showing support but there is one thing I would like to address

Why other people want to gloat and be excited with one of their own (black child ) downfall and failures if I was really in trouble my company was liquidated why would one of our own be excited with the fact that I was going to fall instead of thinking about the 4000 people that they were going to loose their jobs how many families were going to be impacted by that ……

SA let’s us change our mindset and the way we look at things stop the PULL DOWN SYNDROME

Let us stand up and unite otherwise whilst we are fighting and getting one of our own arrested and humiliated in the public space whatever our parents have fought for we will be handing it over on a silver plate to the wrong hands.”

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