Outsurance To Remove All Ads Featuring Katlego Maboe

As a somewhat final nail in the coffin for presenter Katlego Maboe, insurance company Outsurance has revealed that all commercials featuring Katlego Maboe will be removed as soon as practically possible.

This of course is following the allegations of cheating and domestic abuse made against him.

An Outsurance spokesperson said the following on a Channel24 article “We are aware of the issue surrounding Katlego Maboe and have engaged with him on this. We want to provide Katlego and his family the time and space to deal with this private situation. In the meantime, we will be removing all advertisements featuring Katlego as soon as practically possible.”

So according to that statement Outsurance is providing Katlego time to deal with the allegations. Not really sure how removing ads featuring him are going to help him deal with the situation.

It does appear that Katlego’s publicist Fabrizia Degli Esposti has provided a statement that reads “The allegations made against Katlego Maboe are false and are an attempt by his former partner to harass and victimise him in order to cause emotional harm, as well as reputational and economic damage. The matter is currently being litigated and is therefore sub-judice, and accordingly he cannot comment further as to do so would potentially be undermining the court’s process. Katlego Maboe kindly asks for privacy at this time.”

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