Uzalo Actors And How Much Money They Make

Uzalo is the most watched television show in the country and obviously South African’s are in love with the SABC1 soap opera.

Uzalo is produced by Stained Glass Production which is co-owned by Kobedi Pokane and Gugu Zuma-Ncube.

The soap opera has come a long way since it began airing in 2015.

Initially the story was of two men who were switched at birth, one being raised in a family with core Christian values and the other at a crime Syndicate.

Now the show deals with everyday life such as domestic issues contemporary problems, polygamy and of course crime.

Storylines aside the soap opera does boast a number of talented actors who have portrayed their roles excellently. 

That has people curious about all sorts of things like the actors’ personal lives and how much are they getting compensated for their art on the small screens.

Now with any show actors do not all get paid the same. There is the main cast, supporting cast, recurring cast, extras and on call cast. There is a lot of cast is what we are getting at here.


These values on this list are estimates and should not be taken as absolute.

Here are 10 Uzalo Actors And How Much Money They Make.

10 – Thuthuka Mthembu (Nonka) – Between R20k to R30k a month

Thuthuka Mthembu is one of South Africa’s rising actresses to watch out for, as so say the glowing reports about her. Those reports go on to say she developed a great interest in acting at a young age. As a child she featured as an extra in numerous shows and she has also been in commercials too. Her dream of being a lead actress became a reality when she landed the role of Nonkanyiso on Uzalo. She is the wife of Sibonelo and she also works at the salon. If you don’t know which salon you really need to be catching up on Uzalo.

9 – Wiseman Mncube (Sibonelo) – Between R25k to R35k a month

Wiseman Mncube made his television debut in the ETV thriller The Kingdom. He then landed a role on Mzansi Magic’s telenovela eHostela which was epic if I do say so myself. Besides acting he is also a director and a playwright. In 2014 he won 3 National Arts Festival (NAF) awards in Grahamstown while one of his plays won two awards in 2012 during the isiGcawa festival. I suppose if his character of Sibonelo dies he might find himself a place in the script writers department. Sibonelo on Uzalo was a doctor. He murdered a learner and secretly resigned as a medical practitioner and has since followed in his father’s footsteps of crime. His father is Nkunzi and his mother is Gabisile on the show.

8 – Siyabonga Shibe (Qhabanga) – Between R25k to R35k a month

Siyabonga Shibe boasts quite an impressive resume as an actor. He started acting in 2002 and has appeared in numerous South African productions since then. He has acted on Ashes to Ashes, ETV’s Scandal, Z’bondiwe, A Place Called Home, Bay of Plenty and Doubt. On Uzalo he plays the character of Qhabanga Mhlongo who is the younger half brother to Nkunzi. Qhabanga’s character may have started off in the criminal world though later on he became ordained as a pastor in the KwasMashu Kingdom Church where he still manages to create drama.

7 – Nkanyiso Makhanya (Njeza) – Between R25k to R35k a month

Nkanyiso Makhanya is another highly rated actor on the show who has a background in television presenting. He previously worked at 1 KZN TV for three years as an intern. After the internship he joined ETV’s Craz-E as a presenter. On Uzalo he plays the character of Njeza who is a very troubled young man who ended up killing his father for abusing his mother. He is the older brother of the character Nonka. He also dated Zekhethelo on the show.

6 – Nelisa Mchunu (Fikile) – Between R25k to R35k a month

Nelisa Mchunu worked in a PR company and as a waitress before she eventually landed her role on Uzalo which catapulted her into a household name actress. She plays the role of Fikile on Uzalo who was friends with GC, Thobile and Smangele (all have left Uzalo). She is the girlfriend of the character Sbu and she works at the hair salon.

5 – Nompilo Maphumulo (Nosipho) – Between R25k to R35k a month

Nompilo Maphumulo is not only an actress, but she is also a motivational speaker, voice-over artist, singer, dancer and an MC. She is definitely a very versatile entrepreneur. On Uzalo she plays the role of Mangcobo and Muzi;s daughter Nosipho Xulu. She is also the half sister of Amandla and sister of Ayanda whom she unknowingly had a sexual relationship with. Which shows the importance of knowing your family members.

4 – Baby Cele (Gabisile) – Between R35k to R45k a month

Baby Cele is best known for her role in the South African hit musical Sarafina! She also acted on ETV’s Backstage and SABC’s Isidingo. She is an award winning actress who started her acting career in 1986 and has risen from strength to strength ever since. Her character on Uzalo is Gabisile, the mother of Sbonelo, wife to pastor Qhabanga and she is also a landlady who seems to be always broke.

3 – Gugu Gumede (Mamlambo) – Between R35k to R45k a month

Gugu Gumede started her acting career in 2013 after returning from the United States of America. She made her television debut on the SABC soap opera Generations. She would spend two years at Generations and then in 2015 she would join the cast of Uzalo on it’s first season. Her most memorable moment on Uzalo was the recording breaking wedding she had with Nkunzi and MaNgcobo. Yes Nkunzi married two brides in one wedding, the cost savings must have been immense.

2 – Masoja Msiza (Nkunzi) – Between R40k to R50k a month

Masoja Msiza may be best known as an actor and musician though if you dig deeper you will find that he was also a miner. His career in mining came to an abrupt end after he was dismissed for getting involved in a strike. Luckily for him he had another passion and that was acting. He launched his acting career in 2012 and made his debut on a play called Mfowethu and has since taken part in numerous television and film productions in the South African entertainment industry. In Uzalo he plays the character of Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo. He is the main antagonist on the show.

1 – Dawn Thandeka King (MaNgcobo) – Between R40k to R55k a month

Dawn Thandeka King is a very seasoned actress that many South African content lovers might have seen her on other television programs putting in a stellar performance. Apart from acting she is also a motivational speaker and a musician.  Before she got her breakthrough in the entertainment industry she worked in the tourism industry. She began her acting career in 2012 and made her television debut on Mzansi Magic’s telenovela Inkaba. On Uzalo she plays the character of MaNgcobo. She is the former wife of Muzi and Nkunzi.

That is the list of the estimated earnings of the main cast of SABC’s soap opera Uzalo.

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