Loyiso MacDonald of ‘The Queen’ opens up about his personal life

Actor Loyiso MacDonald plays the role of Kagiso in ‘The Queen’.

The Queen actor Loyiso MacDonald has opened up to fans into his private and most personal parts of his life, this includes his divorce and why he’s an atheist.

Loyiso rarely shares details about his personal life, which is why his fans were glad to get to know him better in a recent interview.

The actor held nothing back about his life before he became a celebrity, including the fact that he was sexually abused when he was little and that he is a divorcee, all of this went down on Podcast and Chill on YouTube with MacG.

At the age of 24, Loyiso MacDonald got married to a musician named Luphiwo formerly known as Mathunzi, whom he said was 22 at the time. He opened up about how they broke up in 2016 when they were both still trying to figure things out.

He said, “I was just figuring things out about myself and I think she was too … The two of us were really becoming adults together when I think about it. Who we ended up becoming, were two people — not who hated each other by the way — who were very different with very different priorities in life and I think that won in the end.”

MacG asked Loyiso if there reason for the break up was being unfaithful or similar to that, Loyiso gave a vague answer about whether there was cheating involved when they parted but he admitted that he became a heavy drinker during that time.

When it came to his lack of belief in God, Loyiso said it was simple for him, he just doesn’t believe anything about God is true. “Why I’m an atheist is simply because I am not convinced that it’s true.”

He added on, “I don’t hate religion. I simply lack belief, that is what atheism is. I’m an atheist so I don’t believe in holy books. I’m not sure I understand the second part of your question. We believe all sorts of things, remove the book altogether and start saying for yourself I say. It takes more work but is ultimately rewarding.”

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