Zodwa Wabantu Dating A Older Businessman

Entertainer Zodwa Wabantu has revealed that she is dating again and this time she is done with amaBen 10.

According to a Daily Sun article Zodwa revealed to them that she is in love with a businessman who she plans on keeping forever. 

Zodwa said she met the mystery man who seems to reside in Johannesburg during lockdown when he had booked her for some work. Nothing beats lockdown romance.

She kept in touch with him and at first she said there weren’t any special feelings. Though it seems as time went on all the lovey dovey feelings flooded Zodwa.

“I then had a sense that I liked the guy and it turned out he had feelings for me too,” said Zodwa.

If you are a fan of Zodwa you may be aware of how raw she can be at times and she says she told the guy that she wanted him. “I told him I was going wherever he was going as I wanted to kiss him and have sex with him. I didn’t care if it would be a one night stand, but I felt like I was in love with him.

Now luckily for Zodwa their first encounter turned to be more than a one night stand and she has been dating him since.

It seems that with this relationship Zodwa is planning on playing her cards close to her chest. She doesn’t want another public relationship and all the scrutiny that it comes with.

“I come to Joburg regularly to see him because I am happy. I won’t reveal his name because all my relationships have been public and people have been talking. With this one I have learnt from my Mistakes. But Zodwa Wabantu will always be Zodwa. A fun person who always tells the truth,” she said.

As long as she is still relieving herself on basins when there is a queue for the toilet I am sure Zodwa will still be Zodwa.

For those who perhaps think this isn’t serious Zodwa says that they have even spoken about marriage. She went on to say “we are in no rush. He is a man who says what he wants and how he feels. I will reveal him when the time is right. I love him so much!” 

Well no better time to reveal a new man than on another season of her reality show I say.

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